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DIY Summer-Worthy Sweatshirt ft Sunny Smiles

Turn your favorite sweatshirt into a summer time staple with this easy DIY tutorial. Supplies: Sweatshirt (We chose our Sunny Smiles Sweatshirt!) Marker Ruler/straight edge Scissors 1. Lay your sweatshirt on the floor and fold it in half vertically, making sure to fold it perfectly in half! 2. Use a marker...

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420 Munchies ((Surprise Cake + Rainbow Grilled Cheese))

420 is almost here so we wanted to share some fun recipes to help you celebrate! One of our favorite things about smoking is the MUNCHIES (hence the inspo behind our Munchies Face Jewels)! We love getting together and making yummy (and pretty) snacks to munch on. This year, we went with a surprise marijuana leaf cake and a rainbow grilled cheese. :)

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