Grape Purple Stash Storage Case Box
Grape Purple Stash Storage Case Box Grape Purple Stash Storage Case Box Stash Storage Case in Grape
$ 95.00

Your stash is going to looking stylishly sexy in this Grape Stash Storage Case! We love how this thick acrylic color-blocked storage case comes with three nifty compartments inside. This storage box can be used for jewelry, edibles, trinkets, or duh, your stash! So many ways to store your stuff and keep 'em safe while you spark up! This sturdy storage case comes with a magnets embedded into the lift off lid, so getting to your goods has never been easier or looked prettier! We love the transparent tinted look to this case, it makes the light shine through and you can catch the different shades of grape purple, blue and green reflecting onto your things. Can we say MAGICAL?!?!


Measures 2"H x 3.5"W x 6"L

Embossed logo at base. 

Embedded Magnetic top closure.

100% Thick N' Sturdy Acrylic

Tip: Wipe Clean and put some rubber/velvet foots underneath the case to ensure it doesn't slip or slide.


*Please note due to COVID, we are sorry that we cannot guarantee shipped items will make it by 4/20