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Am I tripping? Is this really happening? I think we probably all agree this entire COVID-19 outbreak is a mother fucking nightmare. It's honestly hard to process the tremendous impact it's had on nearly all aspects of our lives. 

How is everyone feeling?

Not gonna lie, we are feeling scattered, overwhelmed, confused, annnnnd having a really hard time not eating the entire pantry of food we stocked up on in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are doing our best to keep positive attitudes and trust that if we follow the CDC guidelines, we can all do our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread. We are staying home (only leaving for essentials and walks outside), religiously washing our hands, social distancing (even from our non-cohabiting family members), and we actually kiiiiiiinda love knowing that we are helping save the human race by spending lazy days at home. HA!

With all this additional down time, we came up with a few fun + practical DIY projects to share with you!! Find our homemade glitter hand sanitizer below, made with just 5 simple ingredients that you might already have at home. We've also got instructions to make DIY Disinfecting Wipes (similar to Lysol/Clorox wipes), since they are hard to get your hands on these days!

Get your scroll on to find the deets!!


DIY Hand Sanitizer:

MORE OPTIONS: not included in the instructions!!

To add a wicKed twist:

  • Sub the rubbing alcohol for that 180 proof vodka that you have laying around your house then take a shot at the end to celebrate all of your hard work ;) ... and yes it has to be 180 proof or the disinfecting properties won't be strong enough! 
To add a hippie twist:
  • Skip the plastic bottles and just refill your empty store bought hand sanitizer or travel size toiletry bottles!

Oh! And when choosing your isopropyl alcohol it's important that you use one with a strength of 90% or greater. 99% is going to be your best disinfectant but anything over 90% will work! We used 91% because that is all that was left in our local stores. 


DIY Disinfecting Wipes (DIY Lysol/Clorox Wipes)

We haven’t been able to find Lysol or Clorox wipes since the beginning of March, so finding this recipe by Cheryl Malik on was a life saver! We like to use them on sink handles, doorknobs, phones, remotes, Amazon packages (outside and contents), and to disinfect plastic items from the grocery store!

We made our instructions short & sweet for you, but be sure to CLICK HERE to read the full article to understand the effectiveness of this concoction! She gives a list of essential oils with antiviral properties, and we chose our favorite blend, but feel free to swap in your fave oils to make the scent your own! The article also explains how to use a regular paper towel roll to make the wipes, instead of the tri-fold paper towels we chose to use inside a baby wipe container. 

We highly recommend making the wipes while listening to "Wipe Me Down" by Lil Boosie. 


We are also obsessed with the DIY Disinfectant Spray (DIY Lysol Spray) recipe on Sometimes a spray is more efficient than a wipe, and sometimes the other way around! But.. with the Corona Virus being as contagious as it is, and with a shortage of cleaning products, we'll take all the DIY recipes we can get to protect ourselves, our family, and to still feel safe ordering our precious amazon packages :) 

Here's our snippet of the instructions for the DIY Disinfectant Spray, and CLICK HERE to read the full details.


Happy projecting, friends!!





Woww the information is so much helpful! Thankyou for sharing ❤️
Anyway, i want to make my own glitter hand sanitizer as well, but i dont have glitter at my house :( can i use glitter for cookie? Or maybe should i wreck my glitter eyeshadow?

Aug 22, 2021

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