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If you're looking for a fun valentine's day love craft, then follow along to learn how to make a "fake cake" box that you'll bedazzle with your favorite wicked hippie jewelz and gemz! 


Heart Shaped Box
Frosting Bags + Tips
Food Coloring
Wicked Hippie Gems + Stickers
Optional: Fake fruit or other cake toppers


1. Cover your box with spackle + set it aside until it is mostly dry to the touch. We waited about 30min!

2. Scoop some spackle aside and mix in your food coloring. We used red and pink!

3. Add your colored "frosting" into the bags with tips and pipe your frosting!

4. Get creative topping your cake! We used WH Face Jewels + letter beads for a cute VDay message!

5. Set aside for 24hrs or until it is completely dry.

6. Use your fake cake as a cute VDAY gift box or give it a permanent spot in your home so you can enjoy it year-round <3


Blog post author is our Wicked Hippie Social Media/Marketing Director, Liz Watts. She is a dream of a human and inspires us on the daily. She is also the co-founder + editor of @honeypunchmag 〰️ and a bad ass vintage slinger + clothing maker with her very own @golden.oldie 


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