High Vibe Mini Hoops Lavender
High Vibe Mini Hoops Lavender High Vibe Mini Hoops Lavender High Vibe Mini Hoops Lavender
$ 25.00

Show off yer love for yer favorite flowers with these exquisite and EXCLUSIVE High Vibes Mini Hoops from a limited collab by Wicked Hippie x High Society Collection. Handcrafted with care, using piercing grade and hypoallergenic titanium, these mini 1/2 inch hoops feature our favorite lady, a vibrant lavender Mary Jane, dangling delicately from it. You're never going to want to leaf them behind because these light weight and well constructed earrings that let 'em know you vibrate at a HIGHer level. These pretty purple weed friendly earrings are all the fun without the stickiness snd are gonna complete your perfect earring stack. Collect all the other colors for a fun mix n' match vibe on each ear. Pro tip: we like using one of the earrings in our cartilage piercings and giving one away to our BFF, think of these mini hoops as BFF Weed Earrings- the perfect way to say I'm never gonna leaf you behind!

Made with titanium metal with sensitive ears in mind since these are made from hypoallergenic piercing grade material.

Hoops measure 1/2 inch

Made by hand in small batches by the amazing High Society Collection in Portland, OR.