Lukas Shrooms Rolling Paper Kit
Lukas Shrooms Rolling Paper Kit Lukas Shrooms Rolling Paper Kit Lukas Mushrooms Rolling Paper Kit
$ 28.00

Have you ever met papers that screamed "IMMA FUNGI?!" Well we have, and these are it for your next hit! The Lukas Shrooms Rolling Paper Kit features an all over print of cute retro mushrooms. You mush have these if yer a mushie fan like us! This cone sized rolling kit includes 12 KING sized papers printed with non-toxic vegetable based colorings, 12 smart n' slim premium filters, multi functional packing tool, and the box even turns into a tray! These shroomie papers are just too adorable to (puffpuff) PASS up! 



We love how these papers come from Papers + Ink! That means these rolling papers are organic, unbleached & chlorine free, cruelty free, and made from sustainable manufacturing. 

Must be 21+ to purchase. Sorry babes! For sanitary reasons, all papers are final sale. 

Keep packing tool with kit as it is designed to hold the premium smart slim filters in place.



*Please note packaging varies from either a white box to black box but all the yummy contents inside are still the same.