Meowijuana Weed Leaf Pet Collar
Meowijuana Weed Leaf Pet Collar Meowijuana Weed Leaf Pet Collar
$ 10.00

Meowijuana Weed Leaf Pet Collar by Beastie Bands features everyone's favorite mary jane plant! Adorable green weed leaves are printed along this cat collar. Best part is, it's also one of the safest collars on the market! Constructed from a lightweight and soft n' spongey neoprene (the kind that surfers wear!) that stretches if stressed. This comfy collar is designed to be sturdy enough so that the collar doesn't hang loosely around the neck but is easy for your pet to breakaway from. We love the strong velcro closure along with a metal eyelet, so you can hang pet ID tags on it easily. The best part about this collar is that not only is it cute to fit, it's CUT to FIT. You just cut it to the desired length you want! We recommend this collar for cats of all sizes and XS-S sized dogs.


- For cats of all sizes and ages and small animals under 15lbs (XS-S dogs, chinchillas, bunnies, etc.). Not suitable for leash attachment.

- O/S but "Cut to Fit" so you can cut this collar to your desired length. PRO TIP *For Kittens/Puppies leave excess length on collar so that it can be adjusted to fit your pet as they grow! The collar can grow as they grow!

- Measures at 1/2" Wide x 12.5" Long w/o stretch