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2020. Sheesh. What. A. Year. I'm pretty sure we can all agree we are happy to put that year behind us. Wicked Hippie was certainly not immune to the physical, mental, or financial burdens that the covid-19 pandemic brought about but we are happy to announce that we made it through and we're still here with the same passion for sprinkling peace, love, wickedness, and of course, glitter all over you mother fuckers ; )

We spent our NYE at home this year but here's a pic of us from a few years back having fun with a giant disco ball!!!! 

We tend to look on the bright side around here so we have high hopes for a better year ahead. On New Years Eve, we followed one of our favorite yogi's (Rachel Brathen aka @yoga_girl) intention setting ritual and it was a magic experience. We love that it helped us to start the year with more direction by encouraging us to tune in to ourselves and what's really important. One of those things just so happens to be the continued growth and expansion of Wicked Hippie <3

Here is the link to the NYE intention setting ritual that we followed. Even though it was meant for NYE, it's never to late to set some intentions!

We would love to hear from you!! What are your new years intentions!? Drop a comment below and let us know!! 

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Last but not least, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck with us and shopped our small assortment of freaky cool shit this year (and for the past 7 years)!! We couldn't keep doing it without the support of all of you who follow us. THANK YOU for supporting our small business and for believing in the Wicked Hippie way. 

As a way to say thanks, we'd like to offer this gift of 30% off your entire order to anyone reading this. Just use the promo code WICKEDTHANKS at checkout to claim your gift! Expires February 5th @ noon!


Peace, love, and wicked shit!

Wicked Hippie


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