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The Flaming Lips Space Bubble concert refreshed our zest for life after a year of fear and isolation. It was JUST what the doctor ordered. To us, it was a years' worth of therapy sessions rolled into one 60-minute live show. Remember live music?? Yeah, we didn't either! We also had never considered how happy it makes us. The Flaming Lips spent their quarantined time figuring out a way to play a SAFE show, because they just couldn't wait any longer to get back to playing music. And we're SO glad they did. 

Okay so the show itself... was amazing. It was an out-of-this-world experience that was so thoughtfully and uniquely done. If you get a chance to catch one the upcoming shows, do yourself a biGGG favor and GO!!! (We heard they may be releasing more tickets for shows in April!) Starting from the second you get to the concert, every concern you may have has already been thought of, and figured out for you. They safely escort you to your bubble and blow you up. Inside the bubble there's a package for you and the contents are: a speaker that is playing the live music as its played so you don't lose any sound quality due to the bubble, a towel to wipe down your bubble when it gets hot & foggy, a water bottle with a Space Bubble sticker, an LED light fan for when you get toasty that says "BE COOL, BE SAFE" with the Space Bubble Concert logo on it, a "Love Yer Brain" bandana that can be used as a mask, and a sign that says "I HAVE TO PEE" on one side, and "ITS HOT IN HERE" on the other. 

 Really, the whole thing was just really fuckin well done. It does get warm in the bubbles, and when you need your air refreshed you hold up the ITS HOT IN HERE sign and the crew comes around and blows fresh air in. And if you've gotta pee.. you hold up your sign and they come help you out of your bubble and point you toward the toilets. To us, the experience was BETTER than a normal show because you don't have the drunk people next to you yelling and bumping into you the whole time. It's just you and your chosen bubble mates, enjoying classic and new Flaming Lips songs. They still had the confetti, and the balloons, and the lasers, and all the other magic things that make a Flaming Lips show so special. 

It was quite the experience, to say the least. Here are some pics and videos we got at the shows! Oh yeah!! Our Shroomin' Hats just so happened to make the perfect bubble accessory <3 

PeaCe, LoVe, & wicKed shiT :) 

Katy & Tanner 


Pictures from *INSIDE* the bubble below:


Christina :

Is this experience going to tour? Will it be coming to the Pacific Northwest by chance?? Soooo fun! I hope so!


Mar 09, 2021

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